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      My office handles all phases of Disability Insurance and ERISA Disability Plan claims. We can help you with applications for disability benefits, and appeals of claim denials when your benefits are prematurely terminated or wrongfully denied, including litigation in Federal court when necessary to enforce your rights.

       If you have been seriously injured or are suffering from a chronic illness that prevents you from fully performing your job, we can help you file and prove your claim for disability insurance benefits. If you have applied for benefits on your own, and were denied, or have been paid for awhile but then have had your benefits terminated before you recovered, I have the experience and expertise to get your claim treated fairly by the insurance company and to get your disability benefits paid.

       Because my office represents only a small number of clients at a time, we are able to provide you with the personal attention and time necessary to understand and vigorously represent your claim for disability benefits to insurance companies, ERISA Plan administrators, and to the Courts.   Call us for a free telephone consultation.

Debra K. Butler

Attorney at Law

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I have been practicing law since 1989, with experience in a several areas of civil law and litigation. I started my own practice in 1994, and began working on ERISA disability claims with one of the pioneer ERISA lawyers.  In the past, my practice has represented clients in personal injury, consumer disputes, and family law, but over the years has become solely focused on ERISA and Individual Disability Insurance claim applications, appeals of denied claims, and litigation, when necessary.

I believe my experience in working before and while attending law school helps me help my clients. I understand the demands of the workplace, and how injuries and illness can impact a person's ability to work.  I understand the financial pressures that arise when illness or injury forces a working person off the job. I also understand that for professionals and higher-income earners, who often work beyond their capabilities long before finally going off work, disability can have catastrophic financial and psychological effects.

As a lawyer, I have always represented plaintiffs and claimants seeking compensation from insurance companies and employee benefits plans who have failed to acknowledge their liability for legitimate claims. I see my job as wielding the sword of Justice for my clients against those companies whose financial goals are to avoid paying claims. By helping clients stand up for their rights, we force insurance companies to keep their contractual promises to provide income security when disability disrupts lives and homes.

I welcome any questions about my experience or background; resume and references available upon request.


 Call me at (818) 951-2414  or email

Call me at (818) 951-2414

or email

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