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      My office handles all phases of Disability Insurance and ERISA Disability Plan claims. We can help you with applications for disability benefits, and appeals of claim denials when your benefits are prematurely terminated or wrongfully denied, including litigation in Federal court when necessary to enforce your rights.

       If you have been seriously injured or are suffering from a chronic illness that prevents you from fully performing your job, we can help you file and prove your claim for disability insurance benefits. If you have applied for benefits on your own, and were denied, or have been paid for awhile but then have had your benefits terminated before you recovered, I have the experience and expertise to get your claim treated fairly by the insurance company and to get your disability benefits paid.

       Because my office represents only a small number of clients at a time, we are able to provide you with the personal attention and time necessary to understand and vigorously represent your claim for disability benefits to insurance companies, ERISA Plan administrators, and to the Courts.   Call us for a free telephone consultation.

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Helping Injured and Disabled Clients

Get the Insurance Benefits They Are Due

Is All We Do


        My office successfully protects the rights of injured and disabled clients against insurance companies and employer ERISA Benefit Plans who deny legitimate claims for disability, illness and injury. Many of my clients worked for years, paying a portion of every paycheck for disability insurance, or accepting the promised disability coverage as part of their overall employee benefits package, designed by the employer to attract and hold competent employees. Yet when their need is greatest, these same hard-working employees and their families are often left in dire financial straits when they become ill or injured and cannot work if they have relied on promised disability payments that are denied outright or terminated before they have recovered from the physically limiting and psychological disabilities that prevent them from earning a living.  Insurance companies hope a denied claimant will just go away, and many claimants do give up because they are too sick or injured to pursue the claim in the strict time frames required.

       I believe everyone's disability claim deserves a "full and fair review" and insurance companies are responsive to my representation of my clients in reviewing the relevant details of their disabilities.   I have successfully compelled payment of benefits for deserving clients from Aetna, CIGNA, Hartford, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, UNUM, and several large local, national and international employers and employee benefit plans.

      I am a passionate and professionally respected advocate for my clients.  I have the knowledge, empathy, and patience to understand my clients' disabilities. I have experience in a wide range of disabling conditions due to accidents, functional limitations and pain, resulting from traumatic and degenerative orthopedic conditions, diseases and chronic and acute illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other internal disorders.   I am also experienced in disabilities caused or contributed to by psychiatric conditions.

      My office handles all phases of disability claims and appeals, including litigation in federal court. As a California sole practitioner lawyer, I am able to provide personal and compassionate representation of my clients to present their case fully and carefully to the claims administrators and to the Federal Court, when necessary.   I also am licensed to practice in all federal jurisdictions by special appearance, and have co-counseled on several cases with colleagues.  

       If you are sick, or injured and cannot work, I may be able to help you.   If you are not sure what kind of disability or injury attorney you need, or whether you are covered by insurance, give me a call and we can figure it out together.

Call (818) 951-2414 for a free telephone consultation

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